• Southern Coal

    NorthStar I&E Inc.
    Job Description
    We are looking for small minority owned and disadvantaged companies to support us in our efforts with our client Southern Coal.  Please contact the NorthStar Contract Manager Danny Lavergne at email dlavergne@northstar.com to receive additional information and to be added to our vendor listing for potential work opportunities. Below are the disciplines we have available for subcontract opportunities.
    1. Liner and geomembrane installation 
    2. Asphalt paving
    3. Well Installation and drilling
    4. Geotechnical testing both offsite at laboratory and onsite testing services
    5. Clearing and grubbing of trees and root grinding
    6. Closure Turf Installation
    7. Erosion Control Installation – silt fence install
    8. Concrete Pad Installation
    9. Dewatering Services
    10. Electrical Service Installation
    11. Equipment Maintenance
    12. Seeding Service and Grass Maintenance
    13. Trucking of granular materials to site
    14. Engineering Services for CCR stability monitoring and detection
    15. Site Survey Services
    16. Stormwater and Sewer Line materials and installation
    17. HDPE Pipe Welding and materials
    18. Hydro Vac Soft dig excavation Services
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