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    Brooks Enterprise and Consultants is looking for a talented, innovative business sales consultant.

    We are an award-nominated management consulting company with a strong reputation for talent development, program design, and evaluations.

    We specialize in talent management, organizational development, and diversity interventions that influence a behavior change and impact an organization. We partner with organizations that are looking for RESULTS from training, not just a box that is checked off.

    Our Mission: Engage Talent. Develop Leaders. Yield Results.

    Our Vision: Developing leaders that will make an impact in their organization

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    Brooks Enterprise and Consultants is seeking a part-time associate to complete sales-related tasks. This highly motivated individual will be responsible for prospecting for new clients and coordinating the consultative sales process.

    By semi-flexible, we mean that we will work together to set a weekly schedule that makes sense to the employee and company with the ability to adjust from time to time.

    Responsibilities include:

    Build customer pipeline database.

    Follow-up with leads to schedule presentations with Brooks Enterprise and Consultants’ leadership team.

    Establish and maintain effective contact with the potential and existing customer base through a phone call, email, Facebook, and LinkedIn

    Promote and enroll students in workshops, training activities, certificates, and courses

    Update and maintain accurate records in the customer relationship management system.

    Develop client relationships and strengthening industry partnerships.

    Identify new members and students by researching and creating networking opportunities.

    Negotiate and close business deals that promote sustained revenue.

    Locate or propose potential business deals by contacting potential partners.


    Previous experience working in or know the training or HR function preferred

    Experience with working with a CRM

    High achievement and proven track record for achieving sales goals

    Experience with working with little direct supervision while producing results

    Sales experience or aptitude via enthusiasm for the process of investigating, creating, and fulfilling customers’ needs.

    Excellent presentation skills

    Willingness to make dozens of calls per day.

    Ability to develop relationships with prospects.

    Demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills.

    Strong sense of customer service.

    Knowledge of the Human Resources function in business

    Ability to articulate the value of culture, diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace

    You will not be considered if you are a full-time employee somewhere else with a conflict of interest, those violating another company’s policy to work with us, or those working as a consultant in a similar role or business owner.
    Pay: $17 an hour

    15-20 hours a week

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