• Floor Lead

    Personnel Staffing, Inc.
    Job Description
    The Floor Lead is responsible for loading yarn onto carriers.  Lower carriers (and remove) into and out of dye becks via hoist system.  Will learn how to add dyes/chemicals to dye becks as required to dye the yarn.  Extract and dry yarn and then will instruct others to do so.  Will line up next days work (yarn onto carriers) and list out details for Floor Manager to begin in the morning.  Will eventually help with month-end inventory.  Will eventually complete the shut-down process of turning off boilers, dryers, lights, lock doors, etc.  Tardiness will not be accepted, period.  Must have forklift (clamp too) experience.  Be able to lift 50 pounds.  Can understand and follow directions.  Pays attention to detail and double checks measurements before adding to dye becks.  Needs to be a "go-getter" mentality as we do not need anyone standing around until given further direction.  Isn't afraid to ask questions if they do not understand!  Will also be loading yarn into the extractor after dye becks to remove excess water.  Will then put onto buggies for yarn to be dried.  Will learn how to dry yarn as well.  Is not afraid to jump into other areas/roles if the need arises.   
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