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    Job Description
    2022 Good Neighbor Homeless Shelter Executive Director Job Description
    The Mission of the Good Neighbor Homeless Shelter is to provide housing opportunities for homeless individuals and families in need of physical, emotional, and spiritual support as they work to return to the community as productive members.  Above all things, our organization seeks to “do what is best for the people we serve” and the ideal candidate will be prepared to lead in this way.  The Executive Director functions as the chief representative of our mission in the community, the leader of all of our staff, and reports to our Board of Directors who governs and guides our organization.  The ED must be passionate about recruiting and maintaining relationships with all “raving fans” of our organization and able to inspire and compel many different facets within our community to engage, support, participate in, and care for our mission.  Finally he/she will be an advocate in our community for the many different concerns which cause, inform, or sustain homelessness.
    Setting the Tone:
    1. In the community at large, the ED will speak about our work at all times in ways that give dignity to those who struggle, honors the causes and life experiences that lead to homelessness, addiction, and incarceration, and be a thought leader about how to best serve the homeless in our community.  The ED will foster the respect of our community towards our work and mission.
    2. As there are opportunities to influence local governments, school systems, employers, and countless other partners who engage and support our clients, the ED will advocate for compassion, opportunity, and resources to best serve those in need.  
    3. The ED will serve as the leader of all staff, but specifically the middle managers at GNHS—the two shelter managers, the development assistant, the coordinated entry program lead, the intake coordinator for transitional housing, and the street outreach program manager.  He/she will create an environment in which staff can offer their best care to guests and feel supported even when things go wrong.  The ED will handle hiring and firing of these positions and support these staff members as they hire and fire within their programs.
    4. ED will work with middle managers to create and revise policy and procedure, maintain operations in ways that coincide with compliance and funding requirements, and train, coach, develop, and discipline other employees in ways that seek to improve the experience of all clients.
    5. Above all things, the ED will create and carry out an environment of kindness, modeling this for the wider community.
    Communicating the Mission:
    1. The ED will participate in local civic and business organizations in order to continue to spread the word about our work and mission.  He/she will pursue opportunities to share with schools, groups, churches, and any other potential partners about GNHS.
    2. The ED will create and maintain friendly relationships with local media partners in order to continue to spread our mission.
    3. In general the ED will represent the shelter in our community at all times and be ready for questions and concerns.  He/she will be able to articulate not only what we do but (more critically) why we do it.
    Developing the Resource Base:
    1. Our Board of Directors is one of the most critical assets to GNHS, and the ED will partner with this group in all efforts.  The ED will meet with the Executive Board and the full Board each month and prepare agendas for these meetings, have financial reports ready to share, offer feedback on programs and processes as needed, and reply to concerns.
    2. The ED will work side-by-side with the Development Assistant to handle financial matters of GNHS—handling invoices and payments, maintaining the budget and monthly financial reports, submitting bi-weekly payroll, preparing applications for funding, seeking and pursuing new opportunities, and preparing for and hosting Special Events.
    3. Ultimately, assuring that sufficient funds are raised to meet the annual budget is the responsibility of the ED—fundraising across the spectrum of local donations, partnering with grant funders, and maintaining government grants are a primary job function.
    4. To this end, the ED will build relationships with donors of all kinds—individuals, local businesses, churches, foundations, and grantors—and create confidence with donors that we manage our finances well and steward their gifts with integrity.
    5. The ED will always have ready answers about “how to get involved” (beyond financial giving)—with information about how to volunteer, what opportunities are available, what kinds of donations we accept, how to connect on social media and stay informed, and continue to create ways all sorts of donors and friends can support our work.
    Other Necessary Qualifications:
    1. Ideal applicant must have 3+ years of employee management experience, ideally in nonprofit management.
    2. Proficiency in Word, Office, and Excel required; excellent spoken and written communication skills critical.
    3. Experience working with a wide array of individuals, deescalating stressful situations, and training staff in interpersonal skills necessary.  Ideal candidate will show ability to think, respond, and react appropriately to unexpected or difficult situations.
    To apply:  Please email a Cover Letter and Resume to apply@goodneighborshelter.org by May 13th.  Questions may be directed to Tim Abbott (Board Chair) at tim.abbott@kp.org
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