• 50 Cool Things to Post to Instagram for More Business Followers

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    Instagram is a love/hate kind of platform. As a Gen X writer, I don’t get it. Yeah, the pictures are pretty but for me personally, I see it as a giant time suck. Maybe you feel the same way. However, my personal opinion (or yours) about the platform are irrelevant to business.
    The thing that matters is that there are about a billion people using it. (Yes, billion with a “b.”) In fact, Instagram has become a way of life for many. There are people out there who view their lives in Instagrammable moments. They build streaks of continuous days of posting. Plus, it’s owned by Facebook. So regardless of personal feelings, it has some business value if your customer demographic is on there. And chances are it is.


    Who’s on Insta?

    So before convincing you that you need to increase your presence on Instagram, let’s talk about who’s on there. If your ideal customer is, you should be too. If not, you can be an old curmudgeon about the platform like I am.
    There are:
    • One billion active monthly users (that’s an eighth of the world’s population)
    • 500 million use it daily
    • 71% of global users are under 35
    • 72% of teens are using the platform
    • 28% of online adults in the US use it
    • 25% of smartphone owners use it
    See more cool stats here.
    Now that you know if your ideal demographic is on it or not, here are a few post ideas that can get them more engaged with your brand. Post:
    1. Behind the scenes pics and videos.
    2. Your morning routine or productivity tips.
    3. Celebrations.
    4. Your latest item or service.
    5. Your reason for doing what you do (write it on a whiteboard or decorative screen).
    6. Favorite business quotes.
    7. Reposting posts of followers or how people are interacting with your products or services.
    8. Your pet (or pets who visit your business).
    9. Something fun on your desk or at your place of business.
    10. A bird who’s made a nest on your property.
    11. Baby wildlife.
    12. Your morning commute.
    13. Flowers.
    14. The view out your window.
    15. A question for your audience. It doesn’t have to be about business. Just have fun.
    16. A poll.
    17. Customer highlight.
    18. Tip or trick on how to better use your product or service. The more obscure, the better.
    19. Your latest blog post.
    20. Your favorites: what you’re reading, watching, hobbies, etc.
    21. New recipe.
    22. New productivity tool.
    23. Favorite guilty pleasure.
    24. Favorite app.
    25. Person who inspires you most.
    26. Favorite cause.
    27. Meaningful quote.
    28. Something your parents, teacher, or coach used to say.
    29. Best workout song or best soothing music.
    30. Favorite place.
    31.  A day in the life pictures.
    32. Preferred way to unwind.
    33. Funny face paired with an amusing story.
    34. Favorite thing about the season you’re in.
    35. Most beautiful sunset or sunrise.
    36. Storm on the horizon.
    37. Up close view of something.
    38. Reflections off the water.
    39. Event or business set up.
    40. Holiday greetings.
    41. National “day of” celebrations. There are some funny ones out there.
    42. Reviews.
    43. Old pictures (Throwback Thursday).
    44. Important messages.
    45. Job openings.
    46. Intellectual (or industry) humor.
    47. Tribute (to a band, person, idea, etc.)
    48. Something funny you see driving down the road.
    49. Funny sign.
    50. Something that sets your business apart from everyone else.
    If you’re trying to reach a younger or more visual audience, Instagram may be the place for you and your business. As this article shows, there are tons of ways to connect with your audience over a visual media and it needn’t all be pics of what you sell. Get creative. Have some fun and start seeing how pictures can bring you closer to the people who will eventually buy from you.
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