• Future Member e-mail Nurturing Campaign

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    Keep your communications short and consistent but personalize them wherever possible. This email should be set to send within 24 hours of the event, inquiry, or download. It should consist of three (or four) emails to be delivered over a week to ten days. After that email campaign, they’ll be moved into a Conversion Drip Email Campaign where you’ll ask for the sale.
    The immediate job of the Welcome Drip Email Campaign is to develop know, like, and trust. Forget a membership sale. That will come after they get to know you.

    Email #1: Reestablish why they’re receiving the email and what they can expect.

    If they downloaded a lead magnet:
    <Introduce yourself and send a photo. Tell them something they don’t know about you.>
    Thank you for downloading _____.
    <Follow up with a comment that fits what they would’ve learned from it or why it was valuable. Such as, if the download was a Business Event Checklist, “Hope you’re enjoying your Business Event Checklist. If you’re planning an event, don’t forget Step 7: contacting the chamber about your event. We can help you get the word out.”
    If they came to a chamber event:
    <Reintroduce yourself in a friendly way.> Hey there, it’s _____. Thank you so much for attending ____. It was great seeing you yesterday. I love events like that because it gives me an opportunity to get to know new people better. I can’t remember if I told you but ______<Tell them something they don’t know about you.>

    <Next, Inform them that what comes next. Set expectations.>
    Speaking of value, you’re about to get a lot more. Over the next two weeks watch your inbox for some terrific information on <insert topic of choice such as growing your business and how to do more with less. What you add here will depend on what you will send in emails #4-6>. We all could use that, right?
    But for now, could you do me a favor?
    Add my email address to your email address book. I don’t want you to miss out on all the free info we have for you.

    Email #2 Reintroduce Yourself and Your Team

    Hey there,
    Last time we were “chatting,” I told you a little bit about myself. But I couldn’t do what I do without my team.
    Bet you feel the same way, right? Even if you’re a solopreneur, there’s probably someone out there who helps you do what you’re doing.
    <introduce the team and something interesting about them. Include a picture, if possible.>
    In addition to these great people, our chamber has a tremendous Board Chair and an untiring Board of Directors.
    <Introduce your execs and board of directors with a photo>
    You’ll see them active in our community—some through their own business and some in additional leadership positions. They were nominated and selected from a large pool of candidates, and they volunteer their time to help ensure the voice of business is heard.
    Speaking of voices, we intentionally recruited board members from varied backgrounds and cultures. We want everyone represented because together we are stronger. This board is active and engaged in all our community priorities.
    This year we are focusing on:
    <insert chamber priorities>
    As I’m writing this, I’m reminded again of how great these people are. If you haven’t had a chance to meet them, I hope you will soon.
    Sound good?
    Until next time…
    P.S.  Watch for my next email because I will be sharing one of my favorite member’s success stories. If you need a little lift in your day, this will do it. It’s so inspiring.

    Email #3 Share a Member’s Success Story

    This is <introduce member and tell their story. The member’s story should cast them as the hero and the chamber as an assistant to their success.>
    I love telling that story because it inspires me every time I do.
    What inspires you in your job?
    Drop us a line and tell us something great.
    PS Next time, I want to tell you about the exciting things happening in our community.

    Going Forward: Chamber Conversion Drip Campaign

    That rounds out the introduction portion of the introductory email drip campaign.
    For the next three emails, you want to move from establishing know and like to trust. This is where membership comes into play. Since this should be tailored to your chamber, we don’t have a script for you for a Conversion Drip Email Campaign. But you can use the following topics to create your own. Remember to use a friendly tone, tease them with what’s coming next, ask a question for engagement, and use a solid call to action.

    Popular Topics for Establishing Trust in a Chamber Conversion Drip Campaign

    Use details about your chamber to create a 3-4 email nurture campaign that:
    • Explains some problems/pain points) you solve for your members.
    • Offers a glimpse into the benefits/pleasures you provide that will make their life easier.
    • Includes a testimonial or endorsement.
    • Provides additional resources.

    A Final Word About e-mail Nurturing

    The most effective email nurturing is engaging for them and educational for you. Pay attention to what your audience clicks on. Experiment with e-mail subject lines. Try buttons and hyperlinks. You might be surprised that buttons aren’t always the most clicked. With each new email campaign, you should learn more about your ideal target market’s behavior and get closer to perfecting your nurture campaign.
    Christina Metcalf