• What is Workforce Development and Why Does It Matter?

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    We are living in a moment of widespread economic recovery and adjustment unlike anything we have ever seen before. From the effects of the pandemic on business, to technological innovation, to increased global competition, there is no doubt: challenges abound.

    While businesses have reopened, they will need to find ready-to-work, skilled workers to continue their operations long-term.
    Workforce Development seeks to improve the quality and skills of workers in the community which, therefore, helps businesses meet their human resource needs, and improves avenues for businesses and workers to connect. Additionally, Workforce Development involves strategies aimed at bettering an individual’s employability and career trajectory. Not only is this important for individuals, but as a Chamber of Commerce, we understand that it is highly valuable to businesses.
    The Goal: Workforce Development creates economic vitality and prosperity for individuals and the companies that employ them, therefore benefitting residents, industries, and our community. 
    For businesses, whether your employees are on the manufacturing floor, in an auto garage, in the medical field, or in an office, it is imperative that you continue investing in your employees to ensure they are ready to handle the problems of the present and the future. Additionally, whenever an employee feels like they are valued, they are more likely to stay around for the long term. 
    For individuals, receiving training and knowing where those opportunities are available, getting exposure to the world of opportunities in your own community, or even taking your skills to the next level are important for improvement in your current field of interest or your pursuit of greater career goals.
    Thus, the benefits of workforce development are two-pronged: employers benefit from a skilled team, and employees benefit from training and education.
    Without a doubt, workforce development includes connecting job opportunities to job seekers, but it is also much more than that. It is about investing in our people, expanding our jobs base, and strengthening our economy. Other benefits of workforce development include:
    • Increased job satisfaction
    • Lower employee turnover rate
    • Increased operational efficiency
    • Improved employee productivity
    • Upward mobility
    • Economic stability and growth
    At the Cartersville-Bartow County Chamber of Commerce we aim to bring this much-needed component of economic development to our community with programs and information focused on educating and empowering workers and strengthening our talent pipeline.
    The discrepancy between the demand for skilled talent and the supply of talent available represents a “skills gap.” This gap has widespread negative effects on economic growth. However, harnessing the power of this untapped resource can be the difference maker.
    We choose not to wait around for our local skills gap to close on its own. Instead, we are taking a proactive approach that will include regular communications and robust workforce development programs that will keep businesses and the community engaged with the economy’s ever-changing demands.
    We are focused on bringing innovative solutions that will ensure employees and employers possess the necessary tools for the jobs of today and the future, of course with help from a variety of community partners.
    This will come in a variety of ways including data collection and distribution, sharing training opportunities, spotlighting job openings, and focusing on the skills necessary to keep reliable and competitive talent to support local, thriving industry growth.
    The Chamber will serve as a catalyst for collaboration, communication, and cooperation for our countywide workforce efforts, and we look forward to serving your needs to maximize our area’s unique assets and value in attracting and retaining local talent. 
    For more information, please contact Matthew Thomas at matthew@cartersvillechamber.com.

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