• Buy Bartow-Work Bartow

  • The Buy Bartow-Work Bartow campaign has been an ongoing effort of the Chamber to encourage everyone to shop and hire local. The campaign focuses on how the wages earned and money spent at retailers within the community stays in the community and cycles over an average of seven (7) times. In 2011, unemployment was at one of its highest levels and the Chamber implemented the “Ring the Bell” campaign encouraging a positive look at employment and re-energizing the Buy Bartow-Work Bartow motto to increase spending and lower the unemployment in our community, and it was a huge success. As other surrounding areas continued to see rising unemployment, Bartow’s rate showed a steady decline.

    Every time a new job was created, the new employees were encouraged to Ring the Bell at the Bartow County Annex in downtown Cartersville. Over 1,000 jobs were created during the focus of the campaign, and we continue to place a strong emphasis on the importance of investing back in the local community in every way possible.

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