• 401(k) Plans You Can Afford With Integer Wealth Advisors Group

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    January 18, 2019
    According to ERISA, plan sponsors owe a fiduciary duty to plan participants to operate the plan in their best interests.  Part of that responsibility is to "periodically monitor" the plan assets and those that provide services to the plan.  If you operate a 401(k) plan and have not conducted a review of the plan for a number of years, now is the time to do so.  More low-cost plans are available today than in the past.  Even for start-up plans the costs can be quite low.  

    As an SEC registered investment advisor we are fiduciaries to our client's and can conduct a review of your plan's expenses, operating procedures and best practices.  There is no cost for this review.  

    We use Vanguard funds in plans we design, saving plan sponsors and their participants money for their investments.

    Low cost 401(k) plans are available in today's market.  If you haven't conducted a review of your current plan you should.  Best practices suggest a cost comparison every 3-5 years by a plan sponsor.

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    Saverio Paglioni, Partner, Integer Wealth Advisors Group, LLC