• Families that Flourish: 3 Best Practices Healthy Parents Do for Kids

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    January 10, 2020
    Bartow County School System & Cartersville School System: Families that Flourish 2020. 3 Best Practices Healthy Parents Do for Kids: Consistent bedtime, read with your child every night, and limit electronics after 7 PM.
    Kids ages 5 to 12 need 10 to 11 hours of sleep each night
    Kids with enough sleep retain 50% more the next day

    Click here to download the informational flyer and a
    bedtime routine chart you can use with your kids.

    When you get enough sleep you can:
    • pay attention better in school
    • be creative and think of new ideas
    • fight sickness so you can stay healthy
    • be in a good mood
    • get along with friends and family
    • solve problems better

    Without enough sleep you can:
    • forget what you learn
    • have trouble making good choices
    • be grumpy and in a bad mood
    • have trouble playing games and sports
    • be less patient with brothers, sisters, and friends
    • have trouble listening to parents and teachers