• Chamber Economic Development

    Cartersville and Bartow County are blessed to have an incredible Department of Economic Development that works diligently to attract new business and industry to our community and the Chamber works closely with them. In addition to the recruitment of new companies, both the Chamber and Economic Development work very hard to ensure our existing businesses have what they need to continue to grow and prosper. Our community has a very rich history of Manufacturing and we continue to foster a strong industrial and manufacturing base in Bartow County.

    However, Small Business remains the largest sector of employers in Cartersville and Bartow County, and the Chamber of Commerce is the primary resource for small businesses to be able to grow and succeed.

    The Chamber works closely with small businesses as they develop and look for ways to grow and understand how to run their businesses more effectively and efficiently. The Chamber offers a multitude of educational opportunities for small business as well as helping them network and collaborate with others that can help that business grow. 

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  • Emerson Elementary School Groundbreaking