• Youth Leadership Bartow

  • Youth Leadership Bartow fosters mutual understanding, respect, and civic engagement among local high school students and the community at large.  The program is designed to encourage students to participate as leaders in their schools and to continue to promote and enhance the quality of life for themselves and their communities as they further their education and begin their careers.  The Chamber believes that this investment in our youth will instill in them the passion and commitment needed to further their community as the next generation of leaders.

    All Bartow schools participate closely in the program from the selection of the students to allowing them to participate in the program throughout the year. The program is for sophomores and juniors in High School and is open for applications beginning in Spring of each year.

    For more information, please contact the Programs & Events Coordinator.

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  • Youth Leadership Bartow Participants
  • Youth Leadership Participants, Class of 2022

    Name School Name School Name School
    Darby Adams Adairsville High School Lilly Kinsey Adairsville High School Henry Smith Cartersville High School
    Kylie Agan Woodland High School Max Langston Cartersville High School Naomi Stevenson Cartersville High School
    Debra Ajao Woodland High School Ethan Lowery Adairsville High School David Tarver Adairsville High School
    Kiconco Bassler Woodland High School Sam Lusian Adairsville High School Danielle Thayer Woodland High School
    Natalie Bates Adairsville High School Alexis Mazique Cartersville High School Elizabeth Tornincasa Cartersville High School
    Anna Grace Boone Cartersville High School Lily McWhorter Cartersville High School Jonathan Torrence Adairsville High School
    Tom Bowen Cartersville High School JoBeth O'Kelley Adairsville High School Carlee Turner Cass High School
    Cooper Brown Adairsville High School Alex Pacheco Cass High School Callie Viktora Adairsville High School
    Carleigh Chadwick Adairsville High School Amann Patel Cartersville High School Ava Whatley Woodland High School
    Amanda Davison Excel Christian Academy Sahaj Patel Cartersville High School Kayli Wilburn Woodland High School
    Lollie Dawson Cartersville High School Addison Payne Darlington School Brelace Williams Woodland High School
    Lanie Findley Adairsville High School Harley Powell Cass High School Alissa Winters Adairsville High School
    Meredith Gaines Cartersville High School Audrey Roth Cartersville High School Joseph Womack Darlington School
    Hannah Godfrey Woodland High School Emma Segars Woodland High School    
    Cena Hobgood Excel Christian Academy Margaret Simmons Cartersville High School    


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