• 2021 IMPACT Award Recipients

  • Alan Barnes Alan Barnes

    Alan Barnes

    Alan Barnes PhotoDr. Alan Barnes is a native of Cartersville. He started his medical career as an attending family medicine physician and now runs his own private practice, Georgia Direct Family Care, located on Main Street in his hometown. 

    His professional life transformed when he discovered the Direct Primary Care model of medicine. This model of medical care offers an approach that allows him to do what is important to him – devote more time and attention to his patients while also being more accessible to them. Connecting with patients on a deeper level is important to Dr. Alan. He knows each of his patients’ names, their medical concerns, favorite foods, and even the college football team for which they cheer.

    From 2014-2016 Dr. Barnes had the pleasure of serving as Medical Director and lead physician at Bartow Health Access, helping low-income families and individuals who may not have been able to receive care otherwise. He now continues that service in his own practice by offering free and discounted healthcare to those in need.

    Even outside his practice, Dr. Alan gives back to his community.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic he has served as a medical advisor to several local task forces, including Sam Jones United Methodist Church and all the local middle and high school athletic departments. 

    For the past two years, Dr. Alan has served on the Application Review Committee for the Etowah Scholarship Foundation.   This committee service has been particularly meaningful to him because he was a former scholarship recipient. 

    Delivering high-quality, personal healthcare, mentoring young people, and helping those in need is ingrained in Dr. Alan’s soul and makes him genuinely happy. He hopes that these efforts will keep our community safe.

    Dr. Alan Barnes’ actions equal his words: “I truly care about every person in our community and will always do everything I can do to help.”

    Trey Benham Trey Benham

    Trey Benham

    Trey Benham PhotoSince 2010 when Trey started his career with Goodwill of North GA, he has continued to learn, teach others, advance in his career responsibilities, and excel at building relationships in the community. He knows firsthand the importance of learning skills that are necessary to secure employment, and he continues to train and mentor others.

    After graduating from Fort Valley State University with a B.A. in Business Management, his career path took an exciting turn. Eleven years ago, Trey attended a job fair that Goodwill held for a new store they were opening in Cartersville. They recognized his potential, and he was hired as a store associate. Since then, he was promoted several times and now is the Career Center Manager for multiple store locations. He uses his skills to lead a team of individuals to help job seekers find their calling and get back to work.

    Whether working at Goodwill or in the community, he continues to be a beacon of light to others, illuminating their growth potential, no matter where they start out. TaKoya Garrett, Project Director North Georgia Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention Project said that Trey “demonstrates an impeccable ability to promote community engagement, cultural diversity, and inclusiveness with innovation and patience.” 

    Using his vast community knowledge and experience, he has assumed notable volunteer roles such as Feed the Community dinner with New Frontier of Bartow County, Board Member of United Way of Bartow County, Chair of American Red Cross, and a Youth Leadership Bartow Mentor.

    Ms. Garrett concludes, “He is truly making an impact in the lives of many before our eyes and even when we aren’t watching.”

    Brandon Bryson Brandon Bryson

    Brandon Bryson

    Brandon Bryson Photo“Not only do I consider him to be a friend, but I can also say with certainty that Brandon is a leader – a man devoted to his family, work, and passionate about our great community.” - State Representative Matthew Gambill

    After graduating from Mississippi College School of Law, Brandon Bryson started his law career in 2009 as an Associate Attorney with Vaughn & Evans, LLC.  Originally, he had intentions of practicing real estate law, but the recession eliminated any possibility of finding a job in that area.  As life would have it, sometimes the best laid plans require an adjustment that turns out to be more beneficial than the original plan, and such was the case for Brandon.  He switched his focus to litigation, banking, and creditor-related work.  The change in plans allowed him more space to grow and taught him to adapt. 

    He had not anticipated that these changes were preparing him for his current role as Chief Magistrate.  Yet, in 2017 he was appointed Chief Magistrate Judge for the Magistrate Court of Bartow County and elected for a second term in 2020.  Brandon now serves as both Chief Judge and Department Head for the Court.

    Implementing his “can do” approach to his Court positions set a foundation for successes for the Court and for the community at large.  In 2020 Brandon served on a committee that oversaw housing assistance provisions to those affected by the pandemic.  Tens of thousands of dollars were distributed to families in need of help so they could keep their homes.  The success of the Bartow program had other counties and court officials looking to Bartow County as a model for their programs.  Additionally, Brandon’s community involvement includes serving on multiple non-profit boards as an executive officer.  For instance, Brandon helped raise money for the local Humane Society and was active in the event planning, securing sponsorships, and auction items, resulting in record-level, high-grossing fundraisers for the shelter.

    Investing his expertise, love of law, and passion for our community make Brandon Bryson an impactful leader in Bartow County.

    Scottlin Smith Scottlin Smith

    Scottlin Smith

    Scottlin Smith Photo“If there was anyone, I could give a cape to for being superwoman, it would have to be Scottlin.” 
    – Jazmien Baldwin, Vice President, Love Travels Beyond, Inc.

    Scottlin Smith has been involved in community work since she was a child.  Her father’s homeless shelter is almost as old as she is, and Scottlin soaked up lessons from him and applied those to her desire to give back to the community.  As a teen she knew she wanted to make a difference but quickly learned that it takes more than just a willingness to make change happen; you must have skills and resources.
    In college, Scottlin pursued her degree in Mass Communications to develop those skills, but she did not wait until she graduated to make her mark on the world.  While at the University of West Georgia, she saw a need for more young women to feel confident. She knew that many lower socio-economic students could not afford dresses for proms and formal events, so she applied her creative skills and developed Belles of the Ball, a program giving young women the opportunity to select beautiful dresses, free of charge.  The program now collects over 1000 dresses each prom season, and Belles of the Ball now also provides college scholarships.

    Her non-profit organization, Love Travels Beyond, was born because of Scottlin’s desire to spread love, to motivate, and to provide opportunities for service.  Through Love Travels and its coordinated events like the Semi-Annual Charity Basketball Tournament, hundreds of children annually receive Christmas gifts.  Other programs like the Service Summer Camp provide opportunities for youth to learn about giving back to Bartow County where they help the elderly, clean the community, visit police stations, and love each other instead of bullying.  The entire mission of Love Travels Beyond is to spread love.  Scottlin not only spreads love but also, she encourages others to do the same.

    “Scottlin is simply a force for good.  She has a gift for pulling others together,” says Lisa Bell, President of the Cartersville School Foundation, Inc.  Her resume, packed with accolades like the Most Impactful Organization on the University of West Georgia Campus and the Young Executives of Atlanta Humanitarian of the Year Nominee “shows the impact Love Travels has had on Bartow County, but what is does not show is how many people are involved with the organization as Board Members or volunteers because they believe in the mission of Love Travels and they believe in Scottlin.” And Scottlin is easy to believe in because she walks her talk.  She overcomes obstacles because she believes the mission is bigger than self. 

    Jessie Weaver Jessie Weaver

    Jessie Weaver

    Jessie Weaver PhotoJessie Weaver is a smart and driven team player.

    While attending Georgia Tech, on a full athletic scholarship, she earned a B.S. in Business Management, plus a Master of Arts in Education, and she was on the Dean’s list for eight semesters.  As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, so she also played on the Georgia Tech softball team as a catcher.

    While playing softball at Georgia Tech, her team was a three-time ACC Champion in 2009, 2010, and 2011. She loved promoting the team environment both on and off the field. Learning to hold herself accountable, keeping a positive attitude, and being committed to her responsibilities have served her well.

    As the General Manager of Weaver Heating & Air, Inc. she has earned the trust of fellow employees and customers by respecting each person. Being a female leader in a male dominated industry can present challenges, but Jessie has learned how to overcome adversity and successfully helped grow the business 150% over the course of five years. She rises to every challenge that she faces with a steadfast determination to figure out the problem and choose the best solution that will help everyone involved.

    Tammy Griffith, former assistant principal at Bartow County College and Career Academy said that Jessie “was this way through high school, through her academics and her softball at Georgia Tech, through her teaching and now through her work with her family company.” 

    Jessie loves her community and is known for her willingness to see a need and figure out a way to help.  The Adopt-A-Teacher Program, the Read to Grow Program at Cloverleaf Elementary, and her recent mentorship for the Reach Program with a student at Woodland Middle/High School have all benefited from her involvement. She is a graduate of the 2020 Leadership Bartow class and says that through the challenges and successes in life, she has learned that if you respect people and have a heart on fire to serve people, anything is possible.

  • Photos by Southern Shots Gallery, LLC.